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mutually assured construction

Here's an example of how we approach engaging contributors and make our case that a culture of interdisciplinary practice is the only path forward.


Dear Mike,

Since we last spoke I’ve shifted gears. I’m the Creative Director of thepeopleproject institute. It's a charity focused on supporting the world to live sustainably by creating flexibility in our economy through access to human spirit. Based in Australia, it’s led by practitioners who are skilled in doing and making things happen that aren’t possible under existing frameworks.

thepeopleproject institute was formed to act on our like-minded feeling that leadership needs more than convention. With access to abundant information, context now will forever be dynamic. We have a job to do – use new practices to meet generational expectations on human factors and human qualities. We change. We wait for facts to be established, but it won’t be enough.

Our charity is a cross-disciplinary conglomerate with the sole purpose of “rehumanising technology”. It is born from the experiences of our members who’ve worked at the highest levels of their respective fields. They have encountered dogma that is antithetical to what true innovation and good technology can provide when coupled with a consistent community standard.

The issue is how human spirit, our effort and generosity, is used in good faith to set direction. Boards formulate strategic direction in good faith but lack access to strategic foresight on aligning with societal expectations. Well-funded NGO’s can have a higher purpose but are often distracted by vested interests. Governments hamstrung navigating competing interests are waiting for demand from public sentiment.

These bodies are change-makers, and they need help. This first comes through practice. Precedents are set by business. Government will act if it is demanded by reasonable people. The way to be demanded is acting with mutually assured construction. We are connected to business on things that are disconnected but that are needed to align with those who can help.

Where are we up to? We are composing help to scale. There is potential here. A lot of really good people have dedicated large quantities of life not for commercial gain or footnote notoriety. The peaks of our optimism starkly contrast the depths of our troubles.


Our ambitions for the project are:

  • Creating a community charter — helping boards gain value through reward pathways meaningful to people.

  • Talent management — assembling leaders and scouting talent to drive work outside of confining and outdated paradigms.

  • Hero recognition — giving prominence and recognition to peers aligned with our work.

There is a collective unconsciousness yearning for change. People who have the ability to do so and those who don’t do now share a commonality of wanting to overhaul a status quo as they see the insanity of pursing the same and causing even more serious consequences. An individual, in a business, is best measured by their ability to innovate and work outside of confining and outdated paradigms. Precedents are stifling those whose can contribute

We’re all on the same team.

Patrick Cross

(Board Member and Creative Director)

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